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At Family 1st Dental of Sioux City, we are dedicated to providing top-notch dental care that prioritizes both your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. We understand that a beautiful, confident smile is an integral part of your overall well-being. That's why we are excited to introduce you to Bioclear - a revolutionary cosmetic dentistry solution that can transform and rejuvenate your smile, enhancing both its appearance and functionality.

Meet Our Bioclear Certified Doctor

Dentist Sioux City - Dr Soni Gelinne


Dr. Gelinne graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to concerts, and running.

  • Core Anterior Certification
  • Core Posterior Certification
Dentist Sioux City


Dr. Kurth graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. She is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA) and her local and state dental societies. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

  • Core Anterior Certification
  • Core Posterior Certification
  • Advanced Anterior Certification

Rejuvenated Smiles
The Bioclear Method

Black Triangles & Worn Teeth

The patient was concerned with the black spaces (black triangles) between her two front teeth and felt that many of her teeth were worn down, resulting in a jagged smile. Bioclear was used to help close those spaces between her teeth for a more uniform look.

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Large Gaps, Undersized, & Uneven Teeth

Large teeth gaps and different sized and shaped teeth affected this patient's smile. Bioclear helped her achieve the even and mature smile she had always wanted.

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Diastema (Front Tooth Gap) & Worn Teeth

Worn, rotated, tining teeth, and a diastema (front tooth gap) made this patient's smile uneven. Bioclear was used to close his diastema and create a uniform well rounded smile.

What is Bioclear?

We use the Bioclear Method, a cutting-edge dental treatment that uses innovative materials and techniques, to address various cosmetic dental issues, such as gaps, spaces, chipped or stained teeth, for fillings, bonding, veneers and much more cosmetic and restorative dentistry. This approach is a versatile and effective alternative to traditional cosmetic dentistry procedures. Procedures are quick, easy, and minimally invasive while conserving far more of the underlying tooth structure. Traditionally, Bioclear lasts longer than composites, porcelain, or amalgams and is more aesthetically pleasing, achieving a more natural and consistent finish.

Aesthetic Excellence

Bioclear is designed to create a seamless, natural-looking smile by eliminating unsightly gaps and irregularities in your teeth. This method allows us to enhance your smile without the need for extensive tooth reduction, ensuring that your teeth remain healthy and strong.

Minimally Invasive

One of the primary benefits of Bioclear is its minimally invasive nature. Unlike traditional veneers or crowns, this procedure requires less tooth removal, which means you can preserve more of your natural tooth structure. Your teeth will not need to be significantly altered, and you can enjoy a beautiful smile without compromising your dental health.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Bioclear restorations are known for their durability and longevity. They are resistant to staining and discoloration, providing you with a lasting, radiant smile for years to come.

Versatile Solutions

Whether you have small gaps, uneven teeth, or unsightly black triangles between your teeth, Bioclear can address a wide range of cosmetic dental concerns. It's a versatile option that can be customized to your unique needs.

Quick and Efficient

Bioclear procedures are often completed in just a single visit, minimizing the time you need to invest in achieving your dream smile. It's a convenient option for individuals with busy schedules.

Is Bioclear Right for You?

To determine if Bioclear is right for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our dental professionals. We will evaluate your specific needs and discuss the best treatment options to achieve your desired results.

At Family 1st Dental, we prioritize your comfort, oral health, and overall satisfaction. We're committed to enhancing your smile through state-of-the-art procedures like Bioclear, ensuring you leave our office with a beautiful, natural-looking smile that boosts your self-confidence.

Don't wait any longer to achieve the smile you've always wanted. Contact us today to schedule your Bioclear consultation and take the first step toward a more beautiful you. Your dream smile is within reach at Family 1st Dental. Below is our list of our Bioclear certified doctors located in Nebraska and Iowa. Please click on the dentist located nearest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional composite fillings and bonding resins are layered onto your tooth, requiring dentists to grind down to make space for the final restoration. These layers can leave ridges that can be felt where the restoration meets the enamel. If the filling or bonding cracks, chips, or wears away, there is little structural integrity left of the original tooth. Bioclear is a more conservative method - as a process, it conserves more of your tooth structure. Bioclear composites are stronger and longer lasting than other materials and they wear like your natural teeth. In the event of an accident, most often a damaged Bioclear restoration can be repaired or replaced.

Porcelain veneers, cosmetic layers placed over an imperfection in your teeth, are for an aesthetic effect. They look good and can be quite strong. Staining can happen, often times at the edges where the original tooth enamel is visible. Veneers are for cosmetic enhancement and don't fix the structure of your teeth. Bioclear strengthens your teeth without ruining them. The procedure is quick, touch ups are easy, and can often times be reversible.

A Bioclear restoration allows you to keep you tooth longer, as it is a an additive restoration. Traditional crown preparations can remove about 75% of the tooth. The Bioclear Method minimizes reduction of tooth structure and decreases the potential of future root canals or snap off fractures. As we age, crowned teeth often require extraction. Bioclear offers an innovative option to avert this outcome. A Bioclear restoration wears like your natural tooth enamel. With routine dental care, we expect Bioclear restorations to last a long time.

"Theoretically, yes-but it's unlikely. Unlike traditional crowns, Bioclear leaves no gaps, so your tooth is shielded from decay." https://bioclearclinic.com/bioclear-method/

Traditional methods of dentistry reduce your natural tooth structure to make space for crowns, veneers, or fillings. Bioclear is an additive procedure that envelops your tooth. There can be an adjustment period for some people, as your teeth may temporarily feel slightly thicker than before. Often times patients say that their teeth feel smoother and stronger with Bioclear.

Bioclear restorations are quite stain-resistant, but like your natural teeth enamel, it can stain. The staining often times will look like the rest of your natural teeth. Smoking or heavy consumption of black coffee (or dark juice) can permanently stain natural tooth enamel and Bioclear restorations. Brushing your teeth or consuming a glass of water can help you avoid staining. Avoiding these habits altogether is best. If you do get surface stains, they can typically be polished away during your routine dental cleaning.

Bioclear is often easier to keep clean and bacteria free due to the smooth and seamless finish of the restoration. Continue to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would and be sure to visit your dentist for routine exams and cleanings. Our hygienists are well trained at cleaning Bioclear restorations.

To learn more about Bioclear, please visit https://bioclearclinic.com/bioclear-method/.


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